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  1. Thanks for the answers. Is 2nd way usually something freelancers do? Because it looks like i might need advanced coding skills to fix that 😊
  2. Thank you for the answer. Can you give me an idea where to find those already-asked questions on the forum? I don't speak Russian, wish I could find it on my own. I will just Google translate from there myself. Spasibo!
  3. Hello, I need to know how can I show the ads/listings under their own categories separately on main page? For example; Premium Ads - 25 ads House for Sale - 25 ads House for Rent - 25 ads All as separate categories/grids on the main page. I don't want ads from all categories show up inside the same grid/box on the homepage. Hope you understood what I said :)) Please take a look at the screenshot I posted. Thanks, all the best.
  4. RT @JurnalSpor: Türkiye Süper Ligi Özetleri tüm hızıyla devam ediyor https://t.co/mNuc5LNNsy

  5. @lali_jane lol, they heavily rely on kardashians.

  6. Konya'dan puan çıkartamayız bu moralle. Şampiyonluk gitti bence.

  7. RT @hic_ender_hicim: Bayrakları bayrak yapan üzerindeki kandır, Vatan uğruna ölen varsa vatandır! #TürkiyeSeninleAzerbaycan https://t.c…

  8. RT @ORDlNARYUS: Bu dünyada şanslı olduğumuz tek nokta Fenerbahçeli olmamız bence. Geri kalan herşey hüzün.

  9. RT @Fenerbahce: Bilgilendirme | Ertelenen Galatasaray - Fenerbahçe derbisi 13 Nisan tarihinde oynanacak. https://t.co/5vUSR3Uj2B

  10. Thank you ! One more question, is Sitebill mobile-friendly ?
  11. Actually no. Guess we already have this in our template though? What I meant is that, i would like new ads show up in bottom grid instead of top slider By the way, should I put commas between keywords in the Seo Settings ? Thanks
  12. Whenever I submit a new add, it doesn't appear on the main page. I would have to set it as a Featured ad so then it may show up. That's why I want ads automatically appear in a different category "New properties'' on the main page as a big list.
  13. I want to show new added ads in the main page instead of top ads. Top ads would rather sit on the right side of the page as a list. Is this possible, if yes how can i do it ? Thanks